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Connecting literacy and the arts is a joy. Detailed planning and assessing the success of lessons is a necessity. I developed a process of teaching writing while working on a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. For over 10 years, while teaching in the Princeton School District, I worked to implement this learning. My goal was to develop a strong writing program by enlisting the help of many experts including professional storytellers and musicians. I used my own background in drawing and art and sought the help of art teachers and artists. I learned a great deal from those creative and talented artist/educators and many have become lifelong friends. I look forward to sharing my learning with teachers and students K-5.

I enjoy working with teachers individually or in groups. As an experienced classroom teacher, I look forward to (and miss) being in the classroom. Classroom visits and residences are options for you as well. You and your students will observe the unfolding of writing lessons and I will leave you with tools to implement future activities. I am able to adjust lessons to your needs. We can link lessons to the arts, science and nature, or write personal narratives using mentor texts. We can also work on research driven writing for even the youngest ages.

If you are a teacher interested in writing personal narrative and/or learning to use sketching techniques for journal writing, the possibilities are endless.

For all of the above, Skype visits or email correspondence for mentoring can be arranged for your convenience or ongoing support.

Because I am writing full-time with works-in-progress, I do limit the time away from my desk. Please contact me for details regarding schedules and fees.

Until then, happy writing!
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